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Learn a little about the Forklifters and our Prepared Meal Plans

Our Mission

We started this business with the goal of creating a convenient way for people to eat healthy without sacrificing taste. Everyone knows that eating fresh, real food is vital to a healthy lifestyle. The challenge is the time it takes to buy and prepare the food then clean it up. With our meals, time should never be an obstacle to eating healthy. We eliminate the guesswork, preparation, and even clean up with our tasty and healthy, ready to heat and serve meals.

Our Clients

Our clients come from every walk of life: single individuals, busy families, weekend warriors, and competitive athletes. They have all made eating healthy a priority in their lives but in the most efficient and convenient way possible.


A wide delivery area across Sacramento, Roseville & Folsom areas.

Contact us if you are unsure if you are in our delivery service area.


If you find yourself still having some questions please contact us and we can help.

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  • Is there an order minimum?

    No minimums.

  • What proteins can I expect?

    Beef, pork, chicken, turkey and fish.

  • How many times a week do you cook?

    Up to three times a week.

  • How long are the meals good for?

    5 days. The labels on the meals include an "Eat by" date. For quality and freshness, we suggest you consume all meals by the date provided.

  • Do you offer Paleo options?

    Yes, we offer Paleo friendly meals. Please select the Paleo option on the order form.

  • Do you accommodate allergies?

    Yes. Please list your allergies on the order form. **Note: Any exclusions listed may limit the variety of the chef's choice offerings you see in your order.**

  • What days do you deliver?

    Sunday - Wednesday. See our delivery time windows on the order form and choose the one that best suits your availability.

  • Do I need to be present at the delivery?

    Yes. Please refrigerate meals immediately.

  • Can I pick-up my order?

    Yes, at the commercial kitchen in Downtown Sacramento on Sundays and Tuesdays. Meals must be refrigerated immediately. See our order form for our tentative pick-up hours. (Can vary week to week)

  • What type of payment do you accept?

    Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

  • When is payment due?

    By 10:00PM the Friday before the meal week. Meals will not be made if not paid by the due date/time. (The payment link provided in the confirmation email will expire at 10:00PM Friday)


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All orders must be placed by 5:00 PM Saturday to receive meals for the following week. Dismiss